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I have a rocky past with reading books. I hated to read through school. We had to read so many books to graduate and it was like pulling teeth to get me to read. Then when I did actually wonder into the library to pick a book to read I would find the shortest one possible and flip through it hoping that some of it would seep in. Most of the time it didn’t. When I graduated however, I found some extra time that needed to be filled so I started reading. I read tons of girly books like The Devil Wears Prada and P.S. I Love You way before they were movies. Now I have gotten into this phase to where I have several books at I time that I’m reading. I keep one by my bed to read at night, one in my purse and also several loaded onto the kindle on my iphone. I still typically read girly books but I mix it up with some “smart books” too.

Over the past couple of months I have read too many books to tell you about but I can give you some of my favorites.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
I decided to pick it up and see what all the hype was about seeing as everyone had read it and couldn’t get enough of it. I really ended up liking this book even though I hated it through the first half. The book was slow and pretty boring. But, once they got the characters established and the story going it became a book that I just couldn’t put down. It has mystery, suspense, love and a good ending, couldn’t ask for much more.

Velvet Elvis
I have read this three times now and have a full notebook of notes after every time. It is written by Rob Bell, who is one of my all time favorite speakers and authors. He sums up Christianity so well and makes it make sense in a modern world. I think he does a great job of helping the church evolve with the times as the people evolve with the times but, he also is sure not to lose sight of where we came from. While I didn’t agree with every word in this book, It made me think harder than I have in a very long time about my faith and where it is going.

Heart of the Matter
Your typical upscale girl’s husband cheats on her and now she is left to pick up the pieces of her marriage and life. I know, it might as well be every lifetime movie ever made but, I wanted a girly book and I got it. It was actually a pretty good read.

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