Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year! Jace and I take turns every year on who’s family we spend Christmas with and this year was my families turn. So we stayed here in Midland. This was our second Christmas as a married couple and we wanted to have a special day just for ourselves, so on Christmas eve we slept in and had a day to do what we wanted. We got up late and made breakfast burritos for brunch then watched movies and relaxed all day. You know it’s a good day when you don’t get out of your pajamas!
Christmas day we got up and made our tasty turkey. I love our turkey! It is the juiciest, tastiest turkey you have ever tasted.

After the turkey was ready we went to my parents house for lunch and gifts. Lunch was amazing and I ate more starch than I’ve eaten in about 6 months and I think I gained all twelve pounds that I’ve lost back but it was SO good. Next was gifts and there were a mountain of them to open.

My favorite gift was our new macbook pro, in which Jace promply whisked away, opened it up and worked his magic to make it a MEGA MACHINE.

After we opened gifts we all went to see Sherlock Holmes and then Jace and I went home. We had great plans to have a romantic steak dinner that evening but we were so stuffed from lunch and popcorn at the movies that we just had leftovers.

Now all the decorations are put up for the year and I am back on my diet, but I have wonderful memories of this Christmas that will last a lifetime. You can see the rest of our photos here.

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