Cookbook review

Lately I have been trying to make some changes to our eating habits around the house. I have come to realize that by eating healthy, unprocessed foods I feel so much better than when I ate all the fast and pre-packaged stuff I was eating. I have more energy now and I also don’t have the daily headaches that I used to have. So I bought this cookbook:

family chef 2

The ladies who wrote this cookbook are Jennifer Aniston’s personal chefs (we all know how good she looks) and every recipe that I’ve tried is great tasting and very easy. Best of all, every recipe in the book requires fresh and natural ingredients. They even have a section for baby and kids food. I have to admit that I still do eat fast food, but I’m down to maybe once or twice a week when I have to go somewhere right after work or on Saturdays. We have saved money on not eating out and I feel great.

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