I heart vacation!!! (Part 1)

I think I like vacation way too much. I just got off of one and I am ready for another. Does anyone else feel this way? We spent all last week in sunny, HOT Florida with Jace’s parents and had a blast. I know I normally keep everyone very updated on Facebook and Twitter about our vacation encounters but we decided that it would be smarter for us to not let the world know that our house would be vacant for a week. Not that I don’t like having house guests but I would like to be there when people are at my house and I’d rather not give an open invitation to the bad guys. The good thing is this will all be new to you.
We were met at the airport by Jace’s parents, brother and niece Mary Elise. I had a blast with this little bundle of energy. The only thing is I wish I knew what she was saying, she clearly knows what she’s talking about. She already has great taste in shoes!

We did a lot of relaxing and exploring. We took our very first trip to see a lighthouse. Before last week the closest I had ever been to a lighthouse was a Thomas Kinkade print. Now I can say I have been all the way up to the top of one. My sore legs can also second that. It was a long way up with no AC but it was totally worth it once we got to the top. You could see so far and the ocean breeze felt amazing. I also took some really cool pics.

We then went to a really old fort in St. Augustine. It is the oldest fort in America and it’s scenery did not disappoint. I got some cook pics here too.

After that, THE BEACH. This was the only thing I really wanted to do while in Florida. I love the beach. I think it was one of God’s masterpieces. So calming, beautiful and fun. The only thing we were disappointed in was the lack of sea shells. That was easy to get over, though.

One Response to “I heart vacation!!! (Part 1)”

  1. Linda Says:

    We loved having you here!! Just wish we were all closer…. 🙂

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