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So we finally did it. We moved out of our apartment and into our very own house. Jace and I have been looking at houses for sale for a long time and we got very close to getting a couple of houses but nothing felt right. I can’t really explain it, but I just new when we walked into those other houses that they weren’t MY house. So about eight months ago the opportunity came up to get a house built by Mark Payne Homes and we jumped on it. The great thing was we were able to watch our house being built. I loved getting to see where everything was going to be and the process of picking out the colors and designs. The entire process was smooth as silk and it is exactly what we were looking for and more.

We are now in the process of moving in. Thanks to my family and our very good friends, Chad and Jamie we are officially moved in. Now, I’m trying to get all of our stuff unpacked and in a designated spot. I never dreamed we had so much stuff. I was sure that I would have no trouble getting everything into this house and now as I’m putting it up, I’m not sure if it’s all going to fit! Be on the look out for a MAJOR garage sale, because I’m getting rid of lots of stuff we don’t need.

I think my favorite part of the house is the kitchen. I love the counters we chose and they look beautiful with the cabinets. We set it up first because I hated the idea of eating fast food all week when all of our cooking equipment was right there in boxes.

While I was working on the kitchen, Jace put together our TV and all the little boxes that comes with it. All I know is it comes on when I push power so I’d say that was a success.

After I got the kitchen together, I put together the living room, bedroom and our bathroom. I know, my priorities are a little screwed up. The unpacking process is coming along quicker than I thought it would, and all I have to do now is work on the office and guest room. I am planning to have an open house in the next month or so so you all can come and see our new house. We love to show it off!

I took TONS of photos. Too many to fit on here so you can find all the rest of the photos here on Flickr.

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    Mandy, I love it!!

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