New year, new me

Happy 2013! I have never been good at keeping resolutions. I normally end up breaking them as soon as I set them. But, I do want to take an inventory of my life and set some goals for this year. Mainly, my relationship with God, my new little family, my church work and my surroundings.


Becoming a mom has completely turned my world upside down. Now I have a little boy to focus on rather than myself and I feel like I am finally doing what God created me to do. I never really decided on a career and I always wondered what God had in store for me. Now I know, I was created to be a wife and mom.


This first year of his life is important and I want to make sure I instill good, Godly things in his life. I have to also make sure I don’t forget about my wife hat. I’ve never really understood the Proverbs 31 wife stuff until now. This year is going to be about seeking Him to find out exactly how to find the balance between wife, mom, homemaker, praise and worship leader, and so on.


I also have a new vision for this little space of mine. I am going to start doing the meal plans again and of course post TONS of Connor photos. I’m also going to pray and seek God about what God will have for this space. If I can use it for His glory also that is an added bonus!

One Response to “New year, new me”

  1. Jamie Elder Says:

    I am so proud of you and am always inspired by you! I’m truly honored to get to call you my friend and sister! I love you and can’t wait to see what this year hold for you precious family!

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