On my soapbox

I read a disturbing article this morning and was just wanting to vent a little bit. This article was about how American Family Radio has a “naughty and nice” list that lets everyone know who uses the words “Happy Holiday’s” as opposed to “Merry Christmas”. Those who use the term “Happy Holidays” are on the naughty list and those who use “Merry Christmas” are on the nice list. My question is, when did we as Christians decide that we can demand respect for our faith and yet totally disregard being respectful to other faiths. Fine, you don’t have to believe what they believe. They aren’t forcing you to. They just ask for a little respect just like we also want. I can’t help but wonder if you ran a business, like for instance Target, wouldn’t you want to be respectful to all of your customers and not just one group?

I know there aren’t only Christians shopping at Target. To me this is a big middle finger to all of the other religions saying “%$#@ you, we are more important than you and we couldn’t care less about your beliefs and you have to abide by ours even if you don’t want to.” That is not at all what Jesus preaches. He didn’t condemn the Samaritan woman at the well. He offered her living water. Do you really thing that by being so disrespectful of people in other religions we are being a witness? NO! We need to act like Jesus. He just showed love. He didn’t force anything on people. They wanted what he had just because he showed them love. Once he had their attention then he told them of the hope that God gives to those who believe. I think we need to show the love of God not by our protests but by our actions. Those speak louder than words.

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