Pinto Beans

Every Texas girl needs to know how to make a killer pot of beans. They are staples in all potlucks and BBQ’s everywhere and I promise when you walk in with a great pot of beans everyone will love you. This recipe is really easy and delicious. I usually make mine in a big pot on the stove, but sometimes if I’m too busy I’ll throw all the ingredients into my crock pot and let it go. The only thing that could make them any better would be a cast iron skillet full of cornbread. Is your mouth watering yet?

Another cool thing about pinto beans is they are a great source of protein and lots of other nutrients. Since I am trying to eat healthier, I really like getting the most nutrients out of what I’m eating without adding more calories. I have a couple of tips and tricks to make any bean better for you.

  • Rinse and soak the beans for at least an hour before eating

Beans contain phytic acid. Phytic acid binds to beans and decreases the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. When you soak them you wash that acid away, making them better for you. I figure if you are going to eat them you mights as well get the most nutrients out of them you can.

  • Add a little bit of Kombu

Don’t freak out on me when you read this but Kombu is a dried seaweed. When you add it to your beans during cooking it decreases their… uh… gasousness, tendorizes them and adds calcium, iron and B vitamins. You can buy it online here and learn more about it here and lots of other places if you search for it. I promise you can’t ├é┬áreally taste it but it does add a little more depth to the flavor. You don’t need it but it does come in handy.

    Pinto beans
    4 cups dried pinto beans
    4 slices bacon, optional
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons pepper
    2 thumbsize pieces of kombu

    The night before you want to cook the beans (or at least an hour before) soak the beans in water. When you are ready to cook them rinse them well and pour them in your pot. Pour enough water into the beans to cover them by 1-2 inches. put in the raw bacon, salt, pepper and kombu and bring the beans to a boil. When they are boiling reduce to simmer and cook for 2-3 hours or until they are tender. If cooking them on the stove keep an eye on them so they don’t run out of water. Add more if necessary. I leave it in, but If you want to you can remove the kombu before serving.

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