T minus 6 months…

…and counting.  That’s right folks, I just realized that we are now in the home stretch.  In just less than six months (I’m talking minutes less, people), Mandy and I will be married.  It’s kind of freaky, too.  It seems like there’s still so much to do, but most everything is taken care of (thanks, baby and baby’s mom).  She’s ordered her dress, and shown pictures of it to EVERYONE while I was three feet away having my eyes shielded as though the Ark had been opened and all the Nazis were about to die.  She’s ordered the flowers, the catering is taken care of, we need to get tuxes and suits figured out this weekend, she’s got the bridesmaids sorted, and booked the place for the wedding and reception.

Tomorrow, it is my duty and privilege to acquire information about where we can spend our honeymoon.  We were blessed with a great bonus from work that will help us out a whole lot in getting us exactly where we want to go.  Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get to talk to at least one or two travel agents to see how much this whole thing is going to cost.  Once we get some stuff nailed down, we won’t tell anyone.  Not even you, Internet.  I know, you’ve been a great friend, but we’ll require privacy!

Also, seems I’m going to Phoenix on a business trip this next week.  Should be a lot of fun and a whole lot of work, and it ought to help pay for that whole honeymoon thing, too.  Other than that, we’re staying busy with work, school (for Mandy), wedding plans, and playing Wii. That’s right, we got one; but more on that later.  Soon, though.  I promise.

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