The Bridge

I’ve always heard that at the end, we humans tend to think about the beginning. As we’re nearing the end of this, the pre-marriage side of our relationship, I’ve started to remember a lot more of the beginnings of our friendship, how that grew into what we have here.

It’s a little strange to think back on the far and distant past, not that it’s really all that far or distant; but it’s not unlike trying to remember the intricacies of a movie you watched last summer. Things seem a little fuzzy, but you remember the good and the very bad. You remember the things you wished you had or had not said, the little remarks that show your true character. You remember walking away in anger when standing tall was the right thing to do. You remember offering constructive (or so you thought) criticism at precisely the wrong time. You remember the look on her face the first time you brought her flowers, or that stuffed dog that was so soft. You remember the hours of time spent in meaningless conversation, exploring each other’s soul. It strikes me odd that so much of who we were then is gone. The naiveté so long passed, the awkward silences, the tensions and anticipations of all those firsts.

It has been a long road to get where we are. We are so very near this upcoming Bridge where our long shared will be ever the same. It’s looming in the distance, awaiting us patiently; the road thereafter remains hidden but waiting in the same. Just as we humans tend to thing of the beginning at the end, we tend also to think of the end at the beginning, though perhaps worry or ponder are a more appropriate word to use. We consider the end from the beginning, wishing it was a memory we could grasp, knowing it is a journey of unfathomable distance and adventure, yearning to understand more. But it is this yearning, these unknown adventures that determine our destination. Too often we humans try so hard to arrive at our destination that we forget the passion of the journey. We often marvel at its stories, wishing we could follow these occasions or flights of fancy just as our heroes have. We could instead learn from our heroes that, though there is a destination, it is the road that beckons our hearts to follow, the adventure that stirs our spirit to action. It is this road that deserves our admiration and devotion, not wherever it takes us.

The Bridge continues to loom, tall and ominous. It signals a beginning, an end and the means to both. Though a journey’s end can be a weighing emotional experience, a journey’s beginning brings an excitement commensurate with the known tasks to be completed on that journey. Fear and tension mingle with anticipation and adventure, foretelling nothing but uncertainty, guaranteeing only my companion, the road, and this Blessed Bridge.

One Response to “The Bridge”

  1. Mom Says:

    It’s been awe inspiring to read your writings over the past few months and to see the depth of love you have for one another. It has also been reassuring as we, as I’m sure you have as well, been told that “they’ve only dated each other, aren’t you a little concerned?” And I can answer with a resounding “no”. Although you’ve grown up together, grown in love together and think you know every detail about each other, the Bridge you are about to cross will carry you to deeper knowledge of each other, deeper love than you ever imagined, dreams you thought were unattainable and an amazing journey of life. I pray that we as parents will be able to witness and share a great portion of that journey. And I’m looking forward to the beginning of the Bridge in September! I love you both very much.

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