Valentine’s Day

Well Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we’ve determined that there is entirely too much stuff to do packed into this short month. First, there’s all the birthdays: Dad’s on the 13th (Happy 50th, geezer), Justin’s on the 14th and Mom’s Birthday is just around the corner on the 24th. Then there’s all the added pressure of Valentine’s day.

Few words can strike such fear and regret into the hearts of men (and the hearts of their wallets, for that matter) as these: “Valentine’s Day”. This year wasn’t too bad in the fear department. Mandy and I spent most of our evening at the Garlic Press, aka the only place in Midland to get decent American cuisine. She had a steak, I had a duck breast and they were both quite excellent. Then we went home like the old people we are and watched TV. It was a fantastic evening, the 13th.

The 14th we spent at church evangelizing the gospel (that the only way to make french fries is to fry them twice), and teaching of the dangers of over used frying oil. Which brings me to my new-found, all-time favorite hobby: cooking.

Our church youth group put on a fund-raising dinner that Mandy and I cooked for. We cooked chicken provençal with lemon-herb rice, spicy steaks with mashed potatoes and a southwest squash and zucchini medley. It was actually pretty good, and it was a whole lot of fun. I’m sure Mandy wanted to kill me at least 39 times during the whole process. We cook together a lot, and I can’t wait to see what we cook up in the years to come.

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