We Survived the Fourth…barely.

Well, we survived the Fourth of July with my family in Tulsa. We started out Thursday night and thankfully we only drove to Whichita Falls, Texas and stayed the night at the Hampton. (I love being a Hilton member!) Unfortunately the Hampton is pet free so we had to sneak lucky up to my parents room in a suitcase and he didn’t appreciate that. We got a good nights rest and got on the road Friday morning. We finally pulled into Tulsa about 1:00 just in time to help cook lunch. I think they wait on us so that they have more workers. Later when it got dark we watched my 5 year old cousin Keely do some fireworks. I was stupid enough to light a sparkler while she was holding it and burned my thumb very badly. I couldn’t take my thumb off the ice or I would be in agonizing pain so all night long I had to keep it on an ice pack. About three in the morning I woke up to a very wet and cold bed. The bag that I had ice in had leaked all over me and the bed. In order to fix the problem without waking Jace I slipped out of the bedroom and got a towel and layed it on the wet bed and tryed to go back to sleep. Finally, I was able to sleep about an hour and woke up pain free. Mom and grandma later told me that I was making so much noise through the night that they were praying that the pain would go away so that they could get some sleep. In between prayer, tears, ice and calls to our paramedic friends I somehow got through the night. The next day was much better we did some shopping and eating and the normal stuff you do when you are couped up in the house, watch tv. We went to the mall with my cousin Kathy and her daughter Keely and looked around for awhile. She really wanted to go to Build-a-Bear workshop but we wanted to stop by the Apple Store. After looking at the Apple Store for a while she proudly proclaimed, “The Apple Store is like Build-a-Bear for big kids!” I told her that she was exactly right. Sunday we came home and we are very happy to be here. I learned lots of lessons over the weekend however: split the drive into two days, be a hilton member because you get great upgrades and NEVER light a sparkler while a five year old holds it.

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