Weekly meal plan 10-26-09

Rainy and cold weather always makes me want Mexican food. I’m not sure why but that is my comfort food. I’ll take bowl of salsa over mashed potatoes any day. So this week we are making enough tacos for tonight and for leftovers.

Here’s my meal plan.
Monday: Chipotle Beef Tacos with guacamole for me since Jace won’t touch the stuff.
Tuesday: Either leftovers or takeout. We are cleaning Pastor’s house for pastor appreciation.
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken, rice and corn on the cobb
Thursday: praise and worship practice so probably take out
Friday: Girls and Guys night. I’m having the girls over to my house and Jace is going to one of his friends house so pizza and brownies!

Healthy tip: Choose guacamole over queso. Avocado is great for you. It is low calorie and it is has over 20 different nutrients in it. I didn’t like it for the longest time but after I found out the nutritional benefits I slowly made myself like it. Now I love everything about it. I put it in soups and salads and I make guacamole when I can. You can find out more benefits of avocado here.

Happy eating!

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