Weekly meal plan 4.12.10

I have recently found that I really enjoy baking breads and doughs. I love the process of putting it together and seeing it rise. Then, I find it wonderfully satisfying to pound the dough down. You just take your fist and hit it! That’s my favorite part. So far my best creation has been my pizza dough, so this week I am making a calzone. A calzone is made just like pizza but it ends up to be a pocket made with dough and the pizza ingredients are inside. I’m also continuing to clean out my freezer so, we are making hamburgers with the hamburger meat I have stored up. Here’s this week’s list.

Tonight: hamburgers with fried zucchini
Tuesday: three meat calzone
Wednesday: grilled cheese sandwiches
Thursday: take out before practice
Friday: date night!

Happy eating!

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