Weekly meal plan 6.7.10

This photo has nothing to do with food but I love it so much I had to put it up.

Well, we are almost settled into our new house. All I have left to do are the office, guest room and put up decorations. I have to say, things are pretty good around our house right now. We are loving being in our own place. I don’t think I realized how much different is was going to be from being in the apartment. It actually feels like it is mine, and not something that is being loaned to me.

Since our kitchen is now put together, we can go back to our normal cooking schedule, which makes me a happy girl. Dinner time is my favorite time of the day. Not because of the food but because it is our time to catch up on the day and relax (the food’s not too bad either).

Here’s the plan.
Tonight: Teriyaki white rice with veggies
Tuesday: Beef fajitas with rice and refried beans
Wednesday: Cowboy soup (recipe courtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law)
Thursday: take out after practice
Friday: date night!

Happy eating!

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