An anniversary list

I love…

  • Quiet car trips where we don’t have to say anything because we are thinking the same thing
  • Loud car trips where we talk about anything and everything
  • Cooking dinner together
  • Lazy evenings on the couch
  • How you still want to hold my hand
  • How you have to walk on the outside of the sidewalk so you get hit first if someone tries to run over us
  • How you still open the door for me
  • Weekends where we do nothing
  • That you are ok with me having a “phone pen”
  • That you will eat mac and cheese just because I love it
  • That we can argue and make up all in the same sentence
  • Seeing you when you come home from work
  • That no one knows who the bands are that we listen to
  • That we feel at home in Dallas even if we just land there for a couple of minutes
  • YOU!

Happy 3rd anniversary, love.

Update from Jace:
There are a lot of things that I like about you, too, The Girl:

  • I love that you so willingly put up with all my nerdery. Except you reap benefits like having a reliable wifi connection and instant access to a pretty great music and video library that can be streamed to the TV, so maybe that’s why you put up with it.
  • I love that you let me listen to bands that no one knows about yet, and get mad with me when people “discover” our really cool bands and ruin them
  • I love that you take such great care of me
  • I love the way you fit so perfectly in my arms.

You mean the world to me, kiddo. Happy anniversary!

3 Responses to “An anniversary list”

  1. Jamie Edler Says:

    SO sweet! Happy Anniversary!! We love yall!!

  2. Rene' McDonald Says:

    Aww! y’all are making me cry! 🙂

  3. Linda Says:

    And I love that you love each other so much that I don’t have to worry about either one of you while I’m all the way in Florida!!! Love you.

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