Cell Phone Etiquette

Working in customer service can really get on your last nerve sometimes. I mean the very last one that is still hanging onto your sanity for dear life. Yes, that one. The one thing that really, really bothers me more than anything though is people who have no respect for others in regards to their cell phone. Yes I know there are important people in the world (and some who just think they are important) but you still have to be courteous to those around you. So I have devised a couple of rules of etiquette to help everyone.

  1. When you go into a place of business please hang up your phone. It is really hard to talk to you while you are in the middle of a conversation. And remember you came to this place of business they didn’t come to you. If possible finish your conversation in the car before you come into the building. If that isn’t possible go in and move to the side where you are not in the way and please talk quietly. Nothing like trying to talk over someone screaming in the corner.
  2. Please, for goodness sakes, turn your cell phone on vibrate or better yet off while you are in a quiet setting or somewhere where people are trying to pay attention to something besides you. Here are some examples:
    • Church: It is very aggravating to be sitting in church listening to the pastor and in the middle of altar call you hear the latest hit on the top 40 blaring through the church. Let me fill you in: It not only disrupts the flow of service and where it might have been leading but it also disrupts the Pastor and anyone on the stage at the time. If you must, turn your phone on vibrate and if it rings only leave the sanctuary when it is an appropriate time. Don’t get up and leave during altar call. It is VERY rude.
    • Movie: They have the dancing candy for a reason. People paid good money to see that movie and they don’t want to listen to you talking to your buddy two rows down. I know the movie is loud and you can’t hear your friend so you think you need to scream so they can hear you. But take your call outside. Or better yet, call them back after the movie is over.
    • Wedding: Do I really even have to go here? Unless you want the bride to come off the stage and tackle you in the middle of the wedding (and she will) turn off the phone!
  3. Never put any song that is vulgar, demeaning or plain stupid on your ringer. I don’t mind the ringers so much but you must remember that not everyone listens to the same music and likes the F word in the song 30 times. Please be courteous to those around you who might find it offensive.
  4. The worst invention in the history of cell phones is the ringback. I call many people on a daily basis and hate getting those. I would much prefer the traditional “ring ring” that has always been there. Don’t force your bad music on everyone else.

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