Chicken and Waffles

Last year I went on business to Detroit where I happened to have one of the strangest combinations of food I can remember having: Waffles and fried chicken. It felt wrong but, at the same time, so good. I’ve told Mandy about it several times since then, and, after seeing it on Food Network recently, we decided to try it on Monday night.

The waffles were the out-of-the-jug shake and pour kind. Yes, we know they’re supposed to be for pancakes: The wife and I happen to like cakey waffles.
Delicious Cakey Waffle
For the chicken, we had a few chicken breasts that we double breaded in egg and flour, seasoning both with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika.
Breading station
Then we pan-fried them until they were golden brown and delicious then ground some salt over them just after pulling them out of the pan.
frying chicken
We put the chicken on the syrup’ed waffle, grabbed knife and fork and ate.
Finalised Chicken and Waffles
And it was good. For next time: Try a raspberry or strawberry syrup for that extra weird yumminess.

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