I’m alive!

I hate to admit this but I hate thunderstorms. I don’t know why but the mere mention of a thunderstorm in the area makes me nauseous. I think I’ve figured out what makes them so scary. Tornadoes. I am terrified of tornadoes. The funny thing is I remember exactly what started my fear. When I was in 2nd grade my teacher thought it would be a fabulous idea to call in a local weatherman to talk about tornadoes. He showed us this horrifying video that showed all the damage they cause. He gave death statistics and all, TO 2ND GRADERS! From then on I have these visions of little me getting carried off by a huge tornado and being thrown into another county or I see a photo of me with my beautiful Louboutins sticking out of my head (at least the red sole would match the blood). If I could just remember who the weatherman was I swear they would be getting a nasty letter from me.

So, Friday I went home for lunch and happily turned on the Private Practice episode that was on the DVR and ate lunch. All of a sudden the clouds opened up and God said “I hate you, Alfalfa”. Not really, I just had to throw that in there; I looked on Facebook and saw people talking about tornadoes in the area. Trying to be calm I turned on the TV and saw, lo and behold, they were heading straight for me, and I was alone. Panic hit and I immediately called Jace at work, balling and squealing. He told me to go in our downstairs bathroom and wait it out. SURE! I’ll do that! Just go have a seat and wait, cause that’s doable. I grab every pillow on the couch and our duvet and run into the bathroom. After a couple of seconds just sitting there I decide that maybe I should have some other things in there, you know, JUST IN CASE I DIE.

So, a normal person would grab a flash light, water, food, or even a radio. Not me, of all things the only thing I could think of was the Mac and my iPhone. Apparently my subconscious wants everyone to know that I’m a Mac and not a pc. Oh and the cat, I tried to get her in there but she was preoccupied and couldn’t care less if I died or not. Anyway, after sitting there for a while I emerge from the bathroom and see that everything was OK. After the scare, I had my brother come get me and I sat at mom’s house until the flood of the century was over. Turns out that Midland still doesn’t have good drainage. Huh. Maybe we should do something a couple of years ago to prevent cars floating away in Scarborough draw? Nah, that’s too much work.

Needless to say I’m alive and breathing. I’m sure if there was an actual tornado I would die of a heart attack before the tornado gets me. For the out of towners, here are some of the photos of the flood.

2 Responses to “I’m alive!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Wow! Why do people feel the need to drive thru water????
    I’m with you. I would have been scared too… and I didn’t even have the 2nd grade weather man.

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