Lone Tree

Last weekend we went with our church youth group to Lone Tree Bible Ranch in Capitan, New Mexico. This camp was one of the highlights of our teen years and we were so excited to get to go back as sponsors and create new memories with these teenagers. This is the one place that I can go to and not want to come home because of its absolutely stunning beauty. It has an amazing view of Sierra Blanca and the smell of the pine trees takes your breath away.

One of my favorite things to do when we go is to get up early the first morning that we are there, and sit on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate. Then, I get to watch everyone’s faces as they come out of their rooms and see the beautiful view. I don’t know why but I always feel closer to God up there. He really outdid Himself when He made this place.

We both climbed the alpine tower this year. I was very proud of myself because this is the first time I have ever climbed. I actually made it to the top on my first try and didn’t have a panic attack! I threatened to give up several times but my pride got the best of me and forced me to press on even though everything inside me was screaming to stop. I really didn’t want to be the panicked girl half way up wanting to get down. I was even more proud of Jace who climbed to the top of the one side while we were trying to talk a terrified girl, who was squealing very loudly and would not go up or down, into coming down.

It’s amazing how easy it is there to go from the adrenaline rush of the high ropes to sitting around on comfy couches playing music and games. We had an amazing time and I already want to go back.

You can see all of my photos here.

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