Our very eventful Easter weekend.

We had a very eventful weekend and most of it had nothing to do with Easter. Saturday we slept in and eventually went and had lunch and when we came home Jace went to playing the Playstation and I started baking for Easter. So we had no idea that nasty weather was pulling in and was about to reek havoc on our house. When we were cooking dinner we heard a little thunder and thought nothing of it. It was cool that we were going to get rain. Then the rain started getting heavier and all of a sudden the clouds decided to start throwing hail at our windows. It broke our upstairs window and rained all in our master bedroom on all of our new furniture. Needless to say, I was a basket case. Crying, cleaning, worrying you name it and I was doing it. After the longest three minutes ever the hail stopped and I called for backup. Dad, mom and Matt came over and helped us put plywood over the window and clean up the glass.
Easter Sunday was thankfully very uneventful. We got up and went to church then had lunch with my family. Then we came home and did nothing. It was wonderful. We watched movies and called in dinner. My idea of a great evening. Now all we have to do is get the window repaired and since the people who run our apartment are the slowest moving people ever it could be a while. Pray it gets resolved quickly or I may go nuts.

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