Refried Beans

I found this recipe on a food blog that I love called The Pioneer Woman. I never dreamed making refried beans could be so easy. It literally took me 10 minutes. No joke!

I started by heating some leftover beans over medium heat. I had made beans and cornbread a couple days before and the leftovers were perfect for making refried beans.

Throw in some diced jalapenos or any pepper you would like.

Get your handy-dandy potato masher out and start mashing…

…keep mashing

Now, no one panic… add a table spoon of lard. Yes, I said it, lard. It’s only a tablespoon and its not like you are going to eat the whole pot of beans by yourself. I promise it will make them so much better.

Mash them up some more.

And now you have refried beans.

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