Weekly meal plan 11.9.09

I only have a couple of meals planned for this week because its going to be a little crazy. We are getting ready for a big Thanksgiving meal Sunday at church, so we will be getting prepared for that. Unfortunately, starting this week the chaos of the holidays will begin. Brace yourselves everyone. Is it me or has the Christmas commercials started early this year? I love them but I’m just not ready for all the madness that comes with the holidays. Ready or not they are here!

Here’s what little I have planed.
Tonight: Italian baked chicken and pastina. I’ve made this once before and it is really tasty and easy. The only thing I change is I use whole wheat pasta instead of the pastina.
Tuesday: Beef fajita burritos and refried beans made from the leftover beans I made Saturday.

The rest of the week is a toss up. Probably quite a few more take out meals than I normally do but it will be alright for a week.

Happy eating!

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