Weekly meal plan 2.8.10

Well, we are starting a new week after a busy, but fun, weekend. Saturday we worked all day to move my Memaw and Papaw into their new house. We still have a lot of work to go but we made a big dent in the stuff that needs to be moved. Jace also made chili Saturday night and entered it into a chili cook off at church on Sunday. Guess what, people? He won! I am a very proud wifey. I made root beer float cupcakes for the cook off that were really good. I’ll get the recipe for the cupcakes up this week but sorry the chili is top secret. Then, last night we had a great time at our friends Chad and Jamie’s house for the Superbowl. I really wasn’t pulling for a team this year but I am happy for the Saints.

On Tuesday we are making an Italian beef drip sandwich. I got the recipe from my favorite Pioneer Woman. I’ll put the recipe up here later this week. I’m very excited for this meal. Also, we are moving our date night to Saturday for Valentine’s Day so I was able to get another meal in there for you.

Here’s this weeks plan.

Tonight: breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, bacon and eggs
Tuesday: Italian drip beef sandwiches
Wednesday: fancy grilled cheese sandwiches…fancy because I’m making our bread from scratch
Thursday: take out before practice
Friday: five spice beef stir fry
Saturday: date night at the Garlic Press for Valentine’s Day

Happy eating!

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