Weekly meal plan 3.7.11

Is anyone else noticing the trees and flowers are starting to bloom? I am both delighted and scared when I see this. I can’t wait for spring, really. I love the warm temperatures that aren’t scorching hot. Minus the wind that comes with it I am all in favor. The reason I am scared is my little flowers are starting to bloom and I know our west Texas weather. I’m sure another cold front will come through and wreak havoc on my poor babies. Hopefully not!

In honor of Mardi Gras we will be having jambalaya on Tuesday! I love any reason to get dressed up and celebrate so we are going to have our own Fat Tuesday.

Here’s this weeks plan.
Tonight: pork chops and mashed sweet potatoes
Tuesday: jambalaya
Wednesday: baked ziti
Thursday: take out after practice
Friday: date night!

Happy eating!

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