2011 Goals

I had so much fun doing last years goals list that I have decided to do it yearly. I feel that if we don’t keep learning and accomplishing things we can become stagnant and that’s the last place I want to be. Once again I encourage everyone to put together a goals list for themselves. I promise you will be amazed at the things you can accomplish. I do have a couple of tips for you guys if you are just starting to think about a yearly goal list. First, share it with others. Nothing like accountability to push you to reach your goals. I didn’t want to have to tell everyone that I didn’t try to didn’t get to one of my goals. By telling all of you, it pushed me to get to them quicker and better. Second, don’t make them all too hard. If you try to accomplish all of your hard life goals in a year you will get bogged down, pick a couple of hard ones and several fun, easy ones. Third, have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously. You will feel like an idiot sometimes when you are learning new things. You might even look a little silly, laugh it off, learn all you can and have as much fun as possible!

Here is my 2011 goals list

Learn to drive a standard transmission (back on the list from last year).
Get a new tattoo.
Learn more about nutrition.
Be more grateful for the things I have been blessed with.
Run in a 5k.
Take about 15-20 minutes a day to do nothing.

Just like last year I will keep you updated as I go through these. Good luck!

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