Ok I have a challenge for everyone. I read another website who did this and I thought it was fun. Turn on your ipod, iphone or whatever you have and put it on shuffle. Let me know the name and artist of the first five songs that come up by leaving a comment. You don’t have to listen to them all just forward through them and let me know. If you don’t have an ipod or something like it, I’m sorry. Keep checking in, I will have more challenges. Here’s my list.

1. Let’s Fall In Love- Diana Krall
2. River God- Nichole Nordeman
3. Pride and Joy- Stevie Ray Vaughan
4. Everyday- Lincoln Brewster
5. Dancing Nancies- Dave Matthews Band

Quite an assortment but nice mix if you ask me. I’ll be interested to hear your lists.

2 Responses to “Challenge”

  1. Jace Says:

    1. Wait Until Tomorrow – John Mayer
    2. Desire – Ryan Adams
    3. All Because of You – U2
    4. Raven – Dave Matthews Band
    5. One Chance – Modest Mouse

  2. treah3 Says:

    1. Perishable – DollsHead
    2. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
    3. Salvation is Here Hillsong United
    4. Androgyny – Garbage
    5. Everything – Lifehouse

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