Things I am liking right now (Thanksgiving edition)

When I think about Thanksgiving I think of many things. I think about the smell of cooking turkey and sweet potatoes. I think of wrapping up in a cozy blanket and watching a movie. I think of spending time with family. Thanksgiving is always a great day of food and relaxation. Here are a couple of things that are going to make my Thanksgiving better.

I have this red blanket that I love. I take it everywhere. It is perfect for leaving on the couch or taking with you on trips. It is perfect size for me and it is SO soft.

There is a song out right now called “The Show” by Lenka. It is so cute. Every time I hear it I start smiling.

We bought some nutmeg from The Spice House the other day and I swear you can tell a big difference between fresh nutmeg and ground nutmeg. I made some pumpkin bread the other day and it was like a new recipe. You could taste the nutmeg and it was so good. This website is where we buy most of our spices and they are all very good. Be careful though because there is a lot to choose from and we always end up buying more than we need.

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