Weekly meal plan 1.30.12

What I'll Try To Blame The State Of My House On When Mandy Gets Back From Africa

So while Mandy’s off in Africa, I decided I’d try to keep busy. I have almost a week’s worth of new recipe ideas of things I like to eat and things I want to cook, attempting also trying not to get scurvy while she’s gone. I might have gone a little overboard with that whole “keep busy” idea, because the menu is somewhat tricky and I have a list of things to do and a more important list of things not to do (I’m not allowed to set fire to anything except the burners of the stove, for example) around the house while she’s gone.

Tonight: Balsamic Chicken, Rice Provençal, Mimosa Salad. Yes, salad. I’m trying to branch out, and it may end up being something Mandy will get to try on Valentine’s Day.
Tuesday: Filet Mignon, Roasted Baby Potatoes with Chive butter, Pan Roasted Haricot Vert. I may get in trouble for doing this because Mandy loves this dish.
Wednesday: Shrimp Fajitas. I never get to eat sea food because Mandy can’t stand the smell or texture of any of it, so I aim to rectify this deficiency somewhat with this dish.
Thursday: Tea Brined and Roasted Cornish Hen, Mashed Potatoes, Corn. I love everything about roast chicken. Make all of that in a serving for one? Yes, please.
Friday: No idea. Probably Long Johns or something sea-foody.

One Response to “Weekly meal plan 1.30.12”

  1. Linda Gregg Says:

    I’m available for quality control if needed. 😉

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