Weekly meal plan 2.6.12

The first salad I actually liked.

Mandy’s coming home this week which means I need to clean this crap up. The meals in the early part of the week are for just me and are designed to be easy to cook and clean up so I can learn how to turn on this Dyson. The rest of the week’s meals are what I’m sure Mandy will want after being out of Texas for so long.

Monday: Shrimp Tacos. These were awesome last week and Mandy won’t be back so I can have seafood in the house.
Tuesday: Steak, ‘taters and the same salad from last week. It was good, and I’m going to eat salad again.
Wednesday: Steak fingers and fries. Mandy told me she needs ketchup. This meal needs ketchup. I’m a matchmaker.
Thursday: Pork chops with shells and cheese. Right after ketchup, she said she needed shells and cheese. Matchmaking.
Friday: Date Night.

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