Weekly meal plan 10.4.10

Looks like it’s time to switch my closet out from my summer clothes to my winter clothes. I am loving this weather! Today’s high is 80 and I’m about to go put on my work out clothes and enjoy it.

This weeks meal plan is going to be fun. A little bit of junk food and a little bit of healthy food, but it all will be delicious. Saturday when I was shopping for meat the lady behind the counter asked me how we were going to cook our lamb chops and I proudly told her, “as quickly and as little as possible!” Jace, you’ve taught me well. I’ve come a long way from only steak medium well. Maybe one day I’ll break into seafood.

Here’s the plan.
Tonight: fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cobb
Tuesday: lamb chops and lemon thyme rice
Wednesday: grilled cheese sandwiches and chips
Thursday: take out probably
Friday: date night!

Happy eating!

One Response to “Weekly meal plan 10.4.10”

  1. Linda Says:

    I love Fall Time too! But I’m not as talented as you in decorating. Where did you get the monogrammed pumpkin? That’s awesome. 🙂 Your house looks beautiful! So proud for ya’ll.

    love you

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