Weekly meal plan 12.22.09…sort of

I just realized it is Tuesday and I was going to do this yesterday but I suddenly became very sick and couldn’t get off the couch to even get my laptop much less put a couple of words together and write a post. No, yesterday was not a fun day and I don’t recommend anyone getting a stomach bug the week of Christmas. I was met a work this morning by cakes and doughnuts and everything my stomach needs to revolt against me. But, I am feeling much better today and hopefully by tomorrow I can enjoy all of the amazing Christmas goodies we are going to have.
I don’t have much of a meal plan this week because we do have several more Christmas and birthday parties but here’s what i’ve got.

Tuesday: big, fat hand crafted hamburgers and sweet potato fries for Jace and whatever my stomach will allow me to eat.
Wednesday: out to dinner for dad’s birthday
Thursday: grilled chicken and mashed potatoes
Friday: Christmas!

We are making the turkey this year and I’m so excited. Our turkey should win awards if you ask me. I am also making my first pumpkin pie. I will be sure to take lots of photos and put them up if it turns out ok. If you don’t see photos then you will know that it went very badly and I don’t want to talk about pumpkin pie ever again.

Also, Saturday I made pizza dough from scratch and it was so good. I’ll get that recipe up very soon.

Happy eating!

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