Daniel fast recipes

Since there are several people in our church doing the Daniel fast next week I wanted to pull some recipes out of our archives that you can eat. We are doing this fast to deepen our relationship with God and to center ourselves around what God is going to do in the coming year in our lives and in our church. There are many variations of the fast and I don’t think there is any “right” way to do it. I will be eliminating meat, dairy, white flour and anything made with it, sugar and carbonated beverages. While this sounds terrible it isn’t all salads and fruit. Here are a couple of choices to pick from. You can also browse the vegan websites and books for some recipes also.

Here is my recipe for Guacamole. Since chips are out you can buy pita bread and cut it into chips and toast them in the oven to make them crispy. They are delicious!

Tyeriaki rice and veggies is a great choice because it taste’s so much better than just rice and veggies. Since we can’t do white rice you can either by brown rice if you have time and put the veggies in after about 40-45 minutes of cooking or you can buy minute brown rice and cook it in the microwave then saute it with your veggies.

If you are leaving dairy in your diet you can eat this zucchini carbonara recipe without the bacon.

These baked sweet potato fries would be good with a salad. Try your hardest to ignore the chicken that’s also in that post.

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