On-the-go burritos

I was reading my Family Chef cookbook (a must have in the kitchen) the other day that gave me the best idea. She keeps a small bowl with a lid in her refrigerator for small pieces of leftovers that weren’t big enough to make another meal out of. Then at the end of the week or on a busy night she pulls them out and makes something out of them. I read this and a huge light bulb came on for me. We are always throwing little bits and pieces of food away because there isn’t enough to keep, and I always felt really bad doing it. So, this week I saved our leftover pork chops from Tuesday night and made burritos on Wednesday night out of them. They were delicious and I didn’t waste any food. I did these because I knew we would be on a strict time schedule between work, hair cuts and church, and I didn’t want fast food. So, I had plans to make these and wrap them in foil for easy travel but it turns out we had time at home to sit down and eat them.
You don’t have to stop at burritos though, I found out there are tons of ways to use your leftovers. Stir fry, fried rice, fajitas, salads, stew, open faced sandwiches (yum!). The ideas are endless. I’m going to give you the recipe for the burritos I made but feel free to run with this. Be as creative as you can be.

On-the-go burritos
adapted from the Family Chef Cookbook

leftover meat (pork, beef, chicken…)
1 tbs canola oil (or whatever oil you have)
1 bell pepper
1/2 onion
1 tomato
1 cup chicken broth
fajita seasoning, salt and pepper, to taste

This recipe depends on the amount of leftovers you have so feel free to give and take.
In a pot or dutch oven, heat the oil. When hot throw in the onions and a little salt. When they are starting to get soft, put in the bell peppers. Cook until soft.
Add the tomato, leftover meat, chicken broth and seasonings and cook until hot or if you have time let it cook down until the liquid gets thick.
Roll the meat mixture into burritos and eat, wrap up and take with you, or put in the fridge for later.

One Response to “On-the-go burritos”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hey Mandy,
    That’s a great idea. We make “must go” soup from leftovers. I reuse a plastic coffee container. We keep it in the freezer and just continue to add leftovers to it until it’s full. This includes all leftovers. I know it sounds terrible but it’s always amazing. I also add vegetables that I know will ruin soon (like tomatoes and potatoes) when we are leaving town. Once it’s full, I let it thaw out overnight, pour in the crockpot in the morning and let it simmer on low all day. Can always add extra can of tomatoes, broth or meat if you think it needs more. The flaw, if you have a really good batch, it can never be replicated.

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