Weekly meal plan 8.2.10

I just realized this is my 201st blog post. I had big plans to do a sweet, meaningful 200th blog post filled with loving comments that will make even the hardest person cry, but no. I had to post about burritos. Oh well, maybe I’ll pay more attention later and make 300 a big one. Or not.

Anyway, this weeks going to be crazy. First, the best friend and co-worker had to get all loving youth pastor’s wife on me and take a bunch of teenagers to Detroit to follow their dreams, and leave me at work. Second, my youth pastor father-in-law decided to drive all the way here from Florida to come to Rock the Desert. Yup, they are coming here to the desert to a Christian music festival when they could probably see all the same bands there in Florida, possibly on the beach. Makes sense huh? Love ya Joe! So, the meal plan will probably be a little wonky this week due to all of the crazy youth pastors in our life.

Here’s the plan.
Tonight: chicken pasta in a veal cream sauce
Tuesday: Steak and lemon rice
Wednesday: not a clue
Thursday: don’t know that either
Friday: who knows

Happy eating!
Hopefully you all will be more organized than me this week.

One Response to “Weekly meal plan 8.2.10”

  1. Jamie Says:

    This blog made me laugh!!!
    Thanks Mandy for just being
    an amazing friend and co-worker!
    I love ya and wish u were here!!!!

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