Weekly meal plan 1.10.11

Happy Monday! I really wanted the weekend to be just a little bit longer. We did some really fun stuff and I could have used another day to relax. Saturday we went to the Midland Shooters Association and became members so we can go shoot whenever we want. Then Saturday night we went on a double date with our good friends Chad and Jamie and saw True Grit. There was some mixed feelings but all-in-all it was a really good movie. Sunday after a great service at church we went to the range to shoot. I think it was a successful weekend!

We have a great menu this week. I am making a brisket for the first time and also we are making tacos, which are always a favorite around here. I’d really like to know what everyone else is eating this week. I’m always having a hard time trying to come up with new recipes and ideas. If you have a meal plan or just something you know you are making, leave a comment letting all of us know. Also, if you have a website you are getting the recipe from leave it also so we can all try it. Then when you can’t decide on what to eat just open up any of my old meal plans and scroll though everyone else’s recipes.

Here’s this weeks plan.
Tonight: brisket, pinto beans and some kind of veggie
Tuesday: pork tacos, rice and guacamole
Wednesday: sauteed chicken and lemon pasta
Thursday: take out after practice
Friday: date night

Happy eating!

One Response to “Weekly meal plan 1.10.11”

  1. Sommer Says:

    I am going to try to meal plan!! 🙂


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