Weekly meal plan 10.18.10

Well, we had a wonderful weekend with the most amazing friends ever. Saturday we went bowling with our Quarterlife group at church and while I am a TERRIBLE bowler, I had fun trying, and they didn’t laugh at me too much. Then Sunday afternoon after church we all went to the park and played disc golf. Once again I wasn’t very good but I was better at that than I was at bowling, and by the last hole I was really getting decent and enjoying myself. That is definitely something we will be doing more often.

This week we are having pasta. I have been wanting it for the past couple of weeks and finally put it on the list. That is my favorite dish that we make. I think we could eat it every week and be perfectly happy. We are also having pizza and all kind of other bad foods that I shouldn’t be eating, but I think I’m just going to run double because it is just so good.

Here’s the plan.
Tonight: chicken pasta in a spicy veal cream sauce
Tuesday: cheesesteak sandwiches
Wednesday: breakfast bacon pizza
Thursday: take out after practice
Friday: date night

Happy eating!

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